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BL-8030 Hepatitis C (HCV)
BL-9020 Diabetes - (T1)
BL-1110 Neuropathic pain/scleroderma
BL-8030 (out-licensed to CTTQ in China and Hong Kong)

Indication: Hepatitis C (HCV)
Mode of Action: A second generation HCV NS3/4A inhibitor
Stage of development: Pre-clinical
Patent Status: International patent application pending, 20 years expiration in 2030

BL-8030 Overview
BL-8030 is a very potent and selective HCV NS3/4A inhibitor which has demonstrated a high genetic barrier to development of resistant variants.  BL-8030 has favorable in vitro characteristics including potency, selectivity, activity against resistant mutants, reduced P450 enzyme inhibition and a wide therapeutic index.

BL-8030 has been out-licensed to Jiangsu Chia-tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CTTQ), the leading Chinese pharmaceutical company in the liver disease therapeutic area, for the development and commercialization exclusively in China and Hong Kong. BioLineRx retains the right to develop and commercialize BL-8030 in other parts of the world.

Pre-Clinical Data
BL-8030 demonstrated excellent potency in the low nanomolar range against the wild type HCV NS3/4A protein.

BL-8030 has demonstrated a higher genetic barrier to resistance than other NS3/4A protease inhibitors. The fold resistance was low (<10 fold) against clinically relevant major resistance mutations (V36M, T54A, A156S, and A156T).

BL-8030 demonstrated  several thousand-fold selectivity relative to a panel of human proteases and did not inhibit cytochrome P450.

BL-8030 was invented by Prof. Philippe Halfon (Genoscience) and Prof. Raymond Schinazi (RFS Pharma).

BL-8030 is being developed by BioLineRx, Ltd. under a worldwide exclusive license agreement with Genoscience and RFS Pharma.

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