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Drugs in Developement

BL-8040 Acute myeloid leukemia and other hematological cancers
BL-7010 Celiac Disease
BL-5010 Skin lesions
BL-7040 Inflammatory Bowel Disease
BL-8020 Hepatitis C (HCV) and other viral indications
BL-1040 AMI

BL-1020 Overview
BL-1020 is an orally available, GABA enhanced antipsychotic that combines dopamine antagonism with GABAergic activity.
Following results of the CLARITY Phase II/III study, BioLineRx has discontinued the study and is now awaiting the completed analysis of the unblended study data.  
BL-1020 was invented by Prof. Abraham Nudelman, Prof. Abraham Weizmann, Dr. Irit Gilad and Dr. Ada Rephaeli.
BL-1020 is being developed by BioLineRx Ltd. under a worldwide exclusive license from Bar Ilan Research and Development Company Ltd. (BIRAD),and Ramot.
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